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Horseback riding or simply horse riding, is the skill of riding a horse. Also less popularly referred to as equestrianism; it’s a general denotation for all purposes horses are used for including sporting activities like steeplechase, vaulting and racing. This definition also includes use of trained horses for work in such fields as cattle ranching and even by police forces.

Horse riding dates back to 3500 BC and its claimed by many that horse riding preceded horse driving.  The horse has been used for centuries for different agricultural works, as a means of transport, pulling chariots and even in warfare. In war they were used for archery and by knights. Even at the present, horses are used policing and general public service and in different ceremonies. In some parts of the world they are still being used in farming. Initially horses were tamed for other purposes such as food, but horse riding was adopted and rapidly became popular.

Horseback riding is a great way to spend your time. It offers both recreation and some good exercise for your body. There some basic information about horses and horse riding that those interested in horseback riding ought to know. There are two styles of riding namely English style and Western style, the key difference between them being the equipment used in either of the two. Saddles used in Western riding are similar to those used by cowboys in ancient times. They are designed to provide comfort and are good for long rides.

Today, horseback riding activities and tours are offered at every corner in the world. More and more people are taking part in horse riding activities for purposes of exercise and competitive games, but most people are riding horses just for fun. Different equestrians offer different experiences, different horse tracks and different riding styles. At Punta Venado, horses are accorded to individuals depending on one’s experience and age. The rides usually start at close to the water shores at the bay, proceeding into the green jungle. Riders can stop over for occasional swims and dips into the ocean whenever they wish to. Before you begin your tour, you get a safety talk from the tour guide you’ve been assigned.

Located at the heart of the Mayan Coast, Punta Venado spans an entire 800 hectares. Other than a land mass of ancient Mayan jungle, it’s located ashore very clear waters and the beaches here are so white and sandy. Not only does it offer horse riding, this vast paradise also offers bike and snorkeling tours. The beaches are of course filled with restaurants and beach clubs, which over many activities including swimming activities. The wonderful part about this particular destination; most if not all of these activities, are available close to the beach. But you would want to wander deep into the jungle, especially for horseback riding. Horse riding here at Punta  Venado is lifetime experience and you sure to find very experienced tour guides who would keep you engaged throughout you horseback riding session.

Just ten minutes from Playa del Carmen, riding a horse through the Mayan jungle is a very fascinating experience.  Imagine riding a horse while taking in the spectacular views of the Caribbean waters at the same time. While relaxing you could grab a drink or a snack at any of the many restaurants and bars, which offer a wide range of cocktails and snacks.



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  1. Beach Tours Mexico Horse Back Riding at Punta Venado and Cenote

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    ONLY $65 USD

    Beach Tours Mexico presents Horse Back Riding at Playa del Carmen Punta Venado, where a horse is assigned to you according to your age and experience.

    We start a ride on our virgin bay and wander into the exuberant greenery of the jungle to discover a beautiful Cenote where we will take some time off to swim in its crystal clear fresh waters or simply relax.


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