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For holiday destinations, it doesn't come much better than the island of Cozumel, situated off of the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, in the Caribbean Sea.


Cozumel is a Mexican island which is not very developed but is a popular tourist destination and a renowned port of call for cruise ships in this area. Cozumel is also very popular for scuba diving and there are quite a few diving sites, particularly around the Mesoamerican Reef and also the underwater sculptures at Museo Subacuatico de Arte. The Mexican government established the Cozumel Reefs National Park in the mid nineties, so as to protect the coral reef and the marine life living there. Because tourism is the principal source of income for the island, there are many hotels and restaurants to cater for the tourists and also many shops selling trinkets and souvenirs, especially where the cruise ships dock.


What to do in Cozumel


If you are wondering what to do in Cozumel, there is no shortage of activities, shore excursions and beach tours to cater for all tastes and keep everyone amused. Apart from the snorkeling and the day passes like Mr. Sanchos Cozumel and Playa Mia, there are a host of other water sports such as wind surfing, para-sailing and there is even a submarine for the tourists to explore underwater without having to get wet!


Mr Sanchos


Another favorite for tourists is Mr Sanchos Cozumel. At Mr Sanchos you can spend the day lounging on the private beach or at the pool or enjoy some of the many amenities that Mr Sanchos Cozumel has for You Again, there are all inclusive day passes available and, depending on what you want, you can just relax and eat and drink, have a nice massage, go horse riding or shopping.

 Playa Mia


Playa Mia  Cozumel is, situated on a private beach, and is great fun for adults and children alike. There are day passes available for Playa Mia at a variety of different prices and, depending which you choose, many of the extras, such as food and drink, are included in the price.


The private guided tours


There are many private guided tours of the cozumel island and these include jeep tours, snorkeling tours and dune buggy tours. On these private guided tours you will have the chance to explore the many different sides to Cozumel, from the glorious beaches to the slightly noisier nightlife. If you are lucky, on one of these Cozumel tours and shore excursions you may be able to participate in helping baby sea turtles hatch and make their way to the sea. Important conservation work is carried out on Cozumel to help preserve these turtles and many other varieties of wildlife.


The Cozumel shore excursions


Another possibility that you may not want to miss, whether you are staying on the island or just stopping on a cruise ship, is one of the many Cozumel shore excursions available. For simple trips around the island or swimming with dolphins and even whale and shark encounters, Cozumel shore excursions can cater for all!



Enjoying the night life


The night life is also great on Cozumel and caters for all tastes. Enjoy a meal in one of the many restaurants and then, either find a quiet bar for a drink or two, or go to a nightclub and boogie the night away.


 Cozumel is certainly one destination for the holiday of a lifetime. Whatever you want from your holiday, one thing is certain, you will not be disappointed with Cozumel!

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  1. Mr Sanchos Cozumel All Inclusive Day Pass

    FROM $55 USD

    ONLY $49.95

    Mr Sanchos Cozumel offers the premier and most popular  all inclusive day pass in the beautiful Island of Cozumel, it is only 15 minutes from the pier, and includes all you can eat and drink and entrance to the private section for the All Inclusive Package. For an added fee It also offers a wide variety of activities such as Parasailing, Horsebackriding, ATV and more...

    Enjoy a full day of activities, food and drinks at Mr Sanchos Cozumel , the top shore excursion in the Island

    If Mr. Sancho's is fully booked, we have this great option for your day in Cozumel:please use the following discount code: playamia. You can book here:

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  2. Private Cozumel Limousine Island Tour - Up to 12 Pax ( 5 hour tour)

    Experience Beautiful Cozumel in the Comfort of a Private Hummer Limousine Tour Up to 12 Pax (5 Hour Tour). This is a private tour that you design to go anywhere you want. Your experienced guide will get to know you and make suggestions to build your perfect tour.

    Read More
    Our Low Price: $550.00
    Reserve with only: $82.50
  3. Cozumel Mexican Flavors Tour

    Experience Ancient Mayan Culture and Amaze your Senses in an Adventure of Flavors and colors!

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    Our Low Price: $70.00
    Reserve with only: $10.50
  4. Flyboard Cozumel

    The Flyboard is a table that is connected to a jet ski through a hose 18 feet long. The propulsion of the bike directs water through the hose to the flyboard table, making it possible to rise above the water, defying gravity flying like a superhero, or dive underwater, swimming like a dolphin. This is the feeling of security and peace fall on water and not get hurt. It's a different feel to any other!

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  5. Private Cozumel Island Tour - 3 hr

    Experience Beautiful Cozumel in the Comfort of a Private 3 Hour Tour - Designed by You to Do as You Wish!

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  6. Cozumel Your Way Private Tour - 2 Passengers

    6 hours of pure Fun around the island in this Premiere Cozumel Tour, You will get to choose among Fun activities and our driver will make sure you have lots of fun!

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    Our Low Price: $150.00
    Reserve with only: $30.00
  7. Cozumel Island Tour Private(2.5 hr) - 2 Passengers

    A 2 1/2 hour journey through Cozumel, visiting the most important places. The perfect option if you have limitted time and want to get the most out of it.

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    Our Low Price: $120.00
    Reserve with only: $24.00
  8. Private Cozumel CIty Tour - 90 minutes - 2 people

    A quick 90 minute glance of the most representative stops in Cozumel. Enough to get an idea of what Cozumel is all about, and to leave you thinking on a longer visit to Cozumel.

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    Our Low Price: $90.00
    Reserve with only: $18.00
  9. Mr. Sanchos Cozumel Parasailing

    In addition to the Mr Sanchos Cozumel All Inclusive, you will have the option to enjoy a panoramic view of Cozumel at 500ft up.

    You don't have to leave Mr Sanchos to enjoy this activity, you will depart from Mr Sanchos Cozumel and returned to the same place once you finish your adventure

    Soar and enjoy the beautiful Island of Cozumel from high above.

    Admire the turquoise Caribbean waters in a 12 minutes flight that you and your loved one will remember forever!

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    Our Low Price: $65.00
    Reserve with only: $5.00
  10. Chankanaab Beach Park Cozumel All Inclusive Day Pass with Snorkel

    Enjoy Chankanaab Beach Adventure number 1 attraction in Cozumel, natural treasure and heritage of the island´s inhabitantsit is located inside of Cozumel National Marine Park, 9 minutes away from most of the Cozumel Piers.

    Snorkel in Chankanaab Beach Park Cozumel  you can spend your day in Cozumel at the Beach Park and snorkel admiring tropical fish and Cozumel's underwater sculptures and statues and the colorful reefs

    Chankanaab (Mayan name that means “small sea”) is actually a coastal cenote whose hydrological dynamics propitiates the development of marine life and is located in the Marine National Park of Cozumel.

    At Chankanaab you may choose to experience an adventure, like swimming with a dolphin, flying through the air on the zip line, a kayak trip or having lots of fun at the sea lions show.

    Go deep into the Mesoamerican cultures through the archeological replicas path and stroll through the botanical gardens where you will discover more than 350 species of the representative plants of the island. The options for you to contemplate the Christ and Virgin underwater sculptures at the Chankanaab reef are snorkeling or diving.

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    Our Low Price: $39.95
    Reserve with only: $10.95

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